Monday, April 23, 2018

What Value are you Adding to Your Product or Service?

By Lori L Dees

I work for a local dental society, as the Exhibits and Foundation Manager. We receive many offers of products and services from a variety of companies. Most are looking to increase brand awareness, but the few successful business affiliations seem to stem from a mutual respect and partnership beneficial to the both of us.

We can purchase products from any number of suppliers, but we always go back to one. Why? Because the company has proven our company, mission and business are important to them. They visit us periodically, making sure to bring swag!  This is of mutual benefit to both of us, because they get to share samples of their product with us, and we can provide that to our customers. They know we will give honest feedback about their products, and when we are ready to purchase, we will remember the relationship we have with their representative, and their company.

There is never a hard sell, just sharing of information and a cheerful banter. We usually do not purchase anything during or soon after the visit, but when we are ready to order something, we feel confident purchasing from this company. We have a history of wonderful service. We get a great product for a great price, with value added extras included. In this case, with purchase of toothbrushes, we receive free imprinting, free toothpaste samples, floss samples, and bags. We use this to create free health kits that are distributed at schools and health fairs. This allows our foundation to further its community outreach efforts.

Not only do they sell us a great product at a great price, they  also donate products to us, so we can then donate it to worthy charities in our community. This has allows us to assist those in need.

So, the next time you pick up the phone to make a cold call, think about what value you can add to the company, and not only to your bottom line.

  • What information can you share that will be of use to them? 
  • What value can you add to their mission?  
  • What events do they have coming up that you might participate?
  • What causes are important to your customer? 
  • What do you have on hand that you can donate to their worthy cause? 
    While they may not purchase immediately, they will remember you when they are ready to make their next purchase. They will remember the value you can offer.


    I am passionate about great customer service with a smile.  Prior to my current position as Exhibits & Foundation Manager at Dallas County Dental Society, I spent almost 25 years working with dental students and patients. I love learning new things and recently became a certified coach, and I'm working on certification for handwriting analysis.  On most nice days off, you will find me on the golf course with my husband and my dachshund, or in the pool with our grandchildren.

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