Thursday, April 19, 2018

Employee Engagement: Partnering With Your Call Center Staff to Develop Your Culture

By Maurice Helm

I understand from experience the life of a call center representative. Prior to moving into leadership, I started on the phones and as rewarding as that can be, there on the front-line taking ownership of issues and concerns and bringing resolution to them, without a doubt it is also a tough job. On top of fighting burnout and redundancy, team members have to try and prove themselves in an effort to grow their careers beyond the phone, sometimes in environments where there is no platform to effectively communicate with leadership.

In recent years, I have had the opportunity to help build structure around employee engagement both from the standpoint of a non-leader, as well as a leader, and in the last eight years I've been able to develop an effective approach to bridging the communications gap between front-line employees and leaders. This approach is simply called Employee Engagement Taskforce

In this process, you would ask for your employees to volunteer to represent their entire peer group, and after establishing the best representation, lay out the main objective. That is to work on the top common opportunities outlined by their peer group, and come up with solutions for improvement. Think about it, we as leaders are tasked with removing roadblocks for your employees. However, as part of their professional development, we should encourage them to work with leadership to resolve issues that will strengthen culture. They must FIRST have a platform! This process has proved to be an excellent start to building that platform.

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