Being creative is in many ways like driving a car on a high speed road...

Practically anyone can drive the car but it requires a certain amount of experience before driving with confidence, particularly on those high speed, more crowded, higher risk conditions.
It is not a question of DNA. Being creative is not a biologic trait that some are blessed with. Anyone can learn and over time, tools and techniques evolve and get shared among adepts. It has become clearly a social experience. Practice does not make perfect but it improves the driver's agility.

The natural self takes over behind the steering wheel. Some car drivers are conservative, others are reckless. Some follow the rules, others don't always care, some challenge them. Some have a great sense of orientation while others less. Some are naturally adventurous while others are very disciplined. Some share the road well but others less. Did you recognize the personality traits of creators or innovators around you?

Anytime you drive a car, you take risks but you accept it and go ahead. Creativity and risks are tightly related. In fact, the acceptance of the risks is key because the brain stimuli of being in uncertainty causes the mind to call on its intuitive creative instinct. Some even say that taking risks is the trigger to creativity. It forces to think in unusual ways, allowing the consideration of options that would otherwise be ignored. While accepting the risks, individuals and companies are able to contain them.

The rewards are only accessible when you take risks. Driving a distance with a car brings you to destination faster than walking... that's the reward of taking the car. Walking on the side of a road to get to the destination is not without risk either: you may bite the dust!

Creativity is important for the survival of companies which nowadays need to get to the destination faster. There are no longer barriers to protect an industry: anyone one can drive this road. Those who don't drive but walk the road, lag behind and eventually... bite the dust.

Road signs warn of dangers and needed interventions. They are particularly a must for the more crowded highways. They make drivers aware of the dangers ahead or needed driving adjustments for a safe drive.

In today's economy, the future has become less predictable. For companies, the road signs were either removed or may be perceived at the last minute. Better get your personal and more reliable GPS turned on to assist you.

Have a creative and safe journey on the road to creativity!