Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Do Not Lose Customers By Becoming Irrelevant

Congratulations! Your firm was selected. You have a new customer. At the pace of change, how long will you stay relevant? What do you need to do to remain a trusted supplier to build their future with?

Tony Zambito explains the importance of Staying Relevant In An Era Of Disruption And Elusive Customer Loyalty

In his thought provoking post, Zambito suggests to engage right now with your customers about their future and to participate to disruption. That's how you stay relevant.

As I read the article, my mind was branching out wondering about our C suite reach, if we are talking enough future or are too focused on the present, what opportunities are we missing... I very much enjoyed one insightful statement in the article:

"(Customer) Loyalty is tied to the ability to accomplish and fulfill (Customer) goals." 

Discover other profound reflections and a captivating TED talk by following the above link.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Do Not Lose Customers Over Indifference

Stan Phelps contributed an article to Forbes just recently highlighting two great stories of how addressing indifference can help improve customer retention.

Losing Customer Over Poor Service Lessons? Lessons from TD Bank & Big Ass Fans On Overcoming Indifference
Apparently, 68% of customers leave a business relationship because of perceived indifference. Call it impersonal customer service or lack of personalized contact if you will. Indifference can also interfere by being at the client end. You might have been in a situation before where you eat at a restaurant and the experience is average. You decide you won't return but you don't bother expressing your deception. Less than 5% of customers will. There goes 95% of your future business potential.
The article shares the example of TD Bank addressing the perceived indifference by reinventing for a day the acronym ATM from "Automated Teller Machine" to "A Thank you Machine".  Videos included in the article show how they surprised their clients, how they rapidly showed or acquired knowledge of their clients to procure them a warm and fuzzy feeling, acquiring loyalty I am sure.

Big Ass Fans put in place a proactive follow up practice to understand their clients beyond the usual simple survey. A Customer Advocacy Manager changed their business through a much closer follow up practice, allowing them to uncover and improve service issues.

Challenged by customers leaving you? Address the indifference, whether it is perceived or real. Follow the link above and get inspired by these great stories.

Monday, August 3, 2015

6 Classic Service Desk Hits That Cloud Is Taking Care Of

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