Tuesday, April 10, 2018

How To Be A Good Customer

By: Anonymous

Most companies have a plethora of tutorials, manuals, videos, and webinars on how to use 
their product. At any given moment, customers can chat, email, or call for help. While most interactions go smoothly, not all do. The contact center must be committed to righting those wrongs.

But what if the problem is a bad customer? There is no tutorial on how to be a great customer, and subsequent interactions will likely mirror the previous ones. Please allow me to offer the following advice to all customers looking to have a positive and productive interaction with a support agent.

Remain calm.
In customer service, we understand that you, the customer, have probably struggled with this issue for a while before you have called us. We understand that this process can be frustrating, and that little thing that should be working, that worked before, that you are absolutely sure worked fine before…just won’t work right this time! And, you don’t know why!

We understand when you can’t figure out why, it can be a challenge to your composure. Heck, it can even make you want to pull your hair out! However, when you call in, relax, take a deep breath and know that we are here to help. There is no need to shout. We can hear you just fine and we are going to fix this together, as a team. Two forces combining their mighty intellect to overcome any obstacle. Together, we can solve these riddles. Together, we can accomplish momentous feats, and together we can clear your cookies and cache!

Speak Slowly and Clearly.
We, understand that you might hear your name a thousand times a day. We also understand that you are probably used to hearing your name from the people who know. However, we do not know one another. So, when we ask, “may I have your name please?” and you reply, “?????”, don’t be surprised if we say, “ I’m sorry, could you please repeat that?”

Say your name clearly, and slowly. We love meeting with new customers, we just want to ensure we know, speak and spell your name correctly. After all, friends should know your name. And make no mistake about it, we LOVE being friends with customers. It makes the job better!

Be patient, it’s a virtue.
We know several life changing, earth shattering events that could alter the course of humanity have occurred, are about to occur, or will occur, if we don’t fix this right now. We totally get that! But please, be patient with us. Please. Your problem is important to us, as it is our job, but we really like to solve problems. It's a part of job description.

There will be times when our infinite knowledge does not have an answer to your exact question. At that point, we need to confer with another source. Please, bear with us.  Know that we are working to resolve the issue A.S.A.P! We don't want to stay on the phone for two hours either. We will help you, and  we'll also do our absolute best, to provide you with the correct resolution.

So, the next time you run into a problem, and need to call customer support for additional help, please consider these points when you make your call. If you do, I am confident your issue will be resolved, and most importantly, you will maintain your sanity.

Anonymous has chosen to remain hidden in the shadows and cloaked in secrecy.

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