Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Sean Hawkins

How do you ensure you are hiring the right person?

I aim to hire the right person, and teach the skills, versus hiring for skills, and having the wrong person. Therefore, the my focus is not solely on a candidates technical acumen.

Instead, I focus on the person. I want to be confident they have the necessary people skills to improve the team. I want to be confident I have the right person assisting customer. I want to ensure they can handle the emotional requirements to be successful.

That being said, you will never bat 1000, meaning you will never be right all the time. But, you can be prepared to make the best decisions possible, by knowing what skills are needed to compliment the team and effectively perform the work. Get THAT right, and you're more likely to hire the right person.

I have over 15 years of progressive call center leadership and experience in the public, private and government sectors. I have led or consulted contact centers of various sizes across numerous industries. Additionally, I’ve implemented new technology and products, while maintaining award-winning contact centers.

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