Monday, October 23, 2017

Who's Responsible for Professional Development?

By Sean Hawkins

A few years back, EdAssist conducted a study on the perceptions of managers and employees regarding professional development. They questioned over 1000 employees and managers, with disparities between the two groups:
  • Most workers, 74%, believe it is employers who is responsibility for career development.
  • Most managers, 98%, believe employees are responsible for their career development.

I believe personal growth is the primary responsibility of the individual. But, it benefits employers to aid in their endeavor. However, professional development and growth, is a shared responsibility between employee and employer.

Employees are hired with a certain set of skills, knowledge, and abilities. However, if their role and/or responsibilities change, the employer has a responsibility to provide the necessary training to for the worker. Employees are investing in their companies by working longer hours, handling evolving tasks and assuming increased responsibilities. Is it fair to expect the employee to also assume the cost of their professional development?

What do you think?

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