Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Bridget Horan

What are your thoughts on customer experience at the executive level?

Today, the customer journey is more intricate than ever, moving across multiple devices and platforms as products are researched, compared, price matched, and purchased. With every step, customer expectations are seamless, and if a brand can’t deliver, customers go elsewhere.

C-Suite executives must ‘Mind the Gap’ between shifting customer expectations and leadership roles. Closing the gap starts with a unified c-suite. The plug that seals the gap is establishing a ‘borderless’ organization. The customer cares about the experience, not the titles.

Establishing a borderless community benefits employee morale, creates a culture of entrepreneurship, empowerment, and growth both for the employee and customer base. Borderless communities are inter/intra dependent with a single focus, the customer. A borderless system is supported through technology, people management, and operational excellence processes, and it binds the gap between generational issues faced by leaders.

Bridget Horan is the owner/operator of Bridget Y. Horan Consulting, LLC. She is currently a member of several community boards. Horan leads the company’s contract development, human resources, training, workforce planning, and diversity initiatives. Bridget has also served leadership roles in customer service, accounting, executive and public relations for over 20 years. To learn more about A Borderless System, please reach out to Bridget Y. Horan Consulting, LLC.

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