Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Jessica Voss

What are the benefit of moving your contact center to the cloud?

For those of you who are still standing still on the ground and contemplating moving your contact center to the cloud, allow me to float you some ideas to get you moving toward the cloud. 

, the security of the cloud is much better than that of the traditional, premise-based solutions.

, a cloud solution can provide a more agile, robust platform. Cloud solutions help you keep up with the speed of innovation, and provide better integrations, quicker upgrades, and a way to easily turn features on and off. Keeping up with the right technology, that can move these rapid changes, is a must.

, the financial reasons to move to the cloud are astronomical. You may not realize the true ROI/TCO of deploying a cloud solution until you look at the hard AND soft dollar costs associated with them. Things break, and new technology is churning quickly. You may deploy something on-premise now, but it could be outdated within the next 1-2 years. Keep that in mind!

Jessica Voss has over 17 years in telecom and contact center sales, servicing both enterprise and mid-market companies around the world. She is one of the leading experts at helping companies find the right solutions for their contact center.

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