Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Todd Hixson

What are some forecasting best practices that you utilize?

Here's a quick tip for each area of forecasting. And yes, make sure you include all four!

Volume: Clean anomalies. This includes high abandons (look at redials). Remember too, if you are going to be understaffed, you will abandon again - forecast the inverse!

AHT: Include glide path impact for new hires.

Shrinkage: Forecast what you need. Have an accountability process with partners.

Occupancy: Make sure service level and time of day match occupancy. Don’t flat line!

Currently the Director of WFM at VIPDdesk Connect, Todd Hixson has 35 years in management, the last 17 in the contact center.  He has been recognized for pioneering forecasting theorems for social media, has served on various advisory board, and routinely speaks at industry event.

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