Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Nate Brown

How do you ensure buy-in from your team?

Looking to get more skin in the game from you team? It’s time to include them from the ground up! There is a magic that happens when your team takes time to learn together. We’ve been going through “The Effortless Experience” this year and it’s been a game changer for us.

We all want to apply the learning and make an impact for our customers. People are far more likely to buy into a change if they have been a key stakeholder from the beginning. Contrast this with the traditional model of a leader always being the one with the new revelation, and updating the team on how they need to behave. This will almost always fail to motivate. Allow your team to drink from the knowledge well….you will be amazed by their creativity! The team that learns together improves together.

Nate is a relationship builder with a flair for execution. He is known for bringing a unique energy to the table that engages employees and takes teams to the next level.

From authoring and leading a client success program, to journey mapping, to gamification, to managing a complex contact center, Nate is the guy to do it right and produce results.

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