Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Jessica Noble

What important factors should be considered in the Voice of Customer program?

Listening is part of a customer’s experience

If you listen well, but do nothing with customer feedback, you are squandering their investment. Customers expect a return for their time and candor.

Listen: If you won’t take action –>  it’s not worth listening
  • Gather VOC information from multiple sources 
  • Capture transactional and relational feedback
  • Collect emotional and rational data 
  • Organize data in pre-determined structure
Understand: Pay attention –>  look for recurring themes 
  • Review, evaluate, and quantify all sources of VOC data
  • Uncover clues about what customers want and value
  • Identify root cause. Does feedback stem from org culture, employee training, processes, policy, procedure, or technology? Should this feedback spark innovation?
  • Integrate VOC feedback throughout your organization into business strategy, process, culture, training, and tools  
Act: If you make an improvement –>  let ‘em know
  • Take action with timely customer follow-up
  • Align internal operations and executive priorities with customer priorities
  • Prioritize improvement initiatives and maintain focus
  • Communicate improvement results
  • Sustain continuous, closed-loop feedback

Validate: Show me the money –> know the return on listening
  1. Understand anticipated impact of improvement initiatives 
  2. Identify what to measure quantitatively and qualitatively to gauge:
     Customer experience
     Customer satisfaction
     Customer engagement
     Business results 
  3. Evaluate the lift following improvements 

Jessica Noble is passionate about working alongside customers to transform their organizations, and realize their unique CX goals. She's currently Principal, Business Consulting, at Tribridge. Jessica has a background in Sales, Product Management, CRM and CX consulting.

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