Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Employee Engagement: Now is the Time

If leadership is wondering if employee engagement is good and necessary for their teams, I would have to emphatically say, "yes, it is!"

I have worked in the contact center environment for many years. I have had the opportunity to work for companies both large and small. I have noticed that at the smaller companies, the employees were happier and more engaged in the work environment, than some of the larger call centers. Most of that can be attributed to increased exposure between staff and leaders.

From experience, I have found that when management is more in tune to what their employees do on a daily basis, the employees will respect them and be more productive. Who wouldn’t want a manager who has taken calls, and sat in the position they are in today? It's highly probable those leaders are taking that into consideration as they lead their teams.

When management has familiarity with those they lead, they have a better understanding of what their employees, and can better sympathize and identify with their team.

As an employee engagement advisory board member, I realize employees have different motivation. Therefore, engagement must be unique and personal. Yes, all employees want open communication, and want to feel valued, but it may look different across the team. 

Team members who are unhappy, tend to call out more, are tardy more frequently, or have performance issues more than those who are happy and well engaged. The best way resolve this, is through employee engagement. Find out the root cause of the problem. Management should be proactive, not reactive. Having a pulse on the team and the individual team members is critical.

If an employee gets sick, or encounters personal difficulties, be empathetic. Send a card or flowers as a kind gesture. Consider offering a flexible schedule as they work through a challenging period in their life. Never forget, engagement is personal!

Talk to your employees about their career aspirations. Help them create a career path, and develop them personally and professionally. This leads to retention and improved performance. Not to mention, this is the role of a leader!

When employees are appreciated, respected and empowered, it is reflected in their behavior and work. They will show up and give the extra effort, because they know you truly care. They aren’t merely a warm body, sitting in a chair, taking calls.

Often, it is the little things that go a long way with employees, and are most significant to them. Those are often revealed through meaningful engagement, tailored specifically for them. That takes time to cultivate. Now is the time to engage.

Brandy Ard has many years of Customer Service experience across various industries. As a result of living in numerous places across the country, and working with people from diverse backgrounds, she is a well rounded, compassionate person. Brandy loves working under great management teams, as they make her job that much more enjoyable. "When you love what you do, you produce high quality work."

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