Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Customer Service Week: A Time of Celebration

The time for annual Customer Service Week is rapidly approaching! Are you ready? This celebration, which takes place the first week of October each year, is a week of fun, games and food – lots of food.

Here are some links to some articles with ideas on how to have a great Customer Service Week, just in case you are having trouble coming up with activities or just a little late in planning this year:
Of course, Customer Service Week isn’t all about the fun and games (did I mention that there will be food?). This is a week to celebrate and recognize those hardy souls who have chosen to become customer service professionals. Some of us are in industries with actual life and death implications, some of us affect the financial well-being of our customers, and we all have the incredible power to positively impact their day. This is a great opportunity to reflect on individual and team success – the extraordinary and heroic efforts and the seemingly routine that made our customers lives a little better. Some suggestions:
  1. Post or read customer comments from surveys and letters recognizing the efforts of individuals who helped them
  2. Have representatives share stories of how they made a difference for a particular customer or solved a difficult issue
  3. Celebrate improvements in team performance, especially related to Customer Experience
  4. Have company executive or the CEO issue a proclamation or share a note congratulating everyone on a great year
One final thought – this is a great opportunity to engage the rest of your organization in the celebration. Take the time to remind them that everyone is in customer service. The desktop engineer who makes sure your tools work every day, the HR team who makes sure you have enough staff to handle the calls, the Product, Marketing and Sales teams who make sure you have great products and service to offer; they all are customer service professionals too! Let’s make sure to recognize them this week as well!

I hope you all have a great Customer Service Week and remember to celebrate throughout the year. We have a lot to be proud of and I appreciate being a member of this great profession!

Vickie Friece  is the SVP Operations - Service Delivery/Funding and Reconciliation at MetaBank

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