Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Lauren Lomb

What are some fun and creative ways to train staff during down time?

There are many fun and creative ways to train staff during down time. One way, is to create a  crossword puzzle with the questions and answers related to the organization’s mission, values, and of course, product knowledge.

Set a time limit, say two hours, for all to be turned in. All agents with perfect scores are entered to win a $25 or $50 gift card. Or, they can simply be named a “Champion of the Week”. What’s great about this option is it’s easy, fun, and reinforces all the right information without it feeling like a task or chore to the agents. 

There are free bingo websites online, that allow you to enter your own criteria. You can enter, “Found newest product on the website” or “Called a former customer just to check in”. As they perform the tasks they write in specific information that they found or did, and work towards BINGO. We’ve also done short, 10 question quizzes on QA content, and grammar. Surprisingly these are very well received and can even get competitive!

Lauren Lomb has a passion for people and life! She is a Corporate Trainer & Leader specializing in customer service, customer experience, contact centers,  employee engagement & workplace culture. Lauren was recently named one of ICMI’s Top 50 Thought Leaders of 2017.

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