Wednesday, December 6, 2017

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Jenny Dempsey

How can social media be used to better engage customers?

Social media is an excellent tool to engage with customers on a personal level. You get to hear their gripes (whether you want to or not) and celebrate their successes. As a business, you then have an opportunity to respond to these comments, both positive and negative, showcasing your brand voice but also showing how much you care about the people who spend money on your service or products.

The simple act of replying isn't all, though. You'll need to be consistent with replies, write in a tone that is compatible with your business and make sure you follow through on any issues that you address with a customer via a social channel. Marketing may post updates and customers may comment, which means that marketing and customer service can often go hand in hand. Clear communication between departments is going to be necessary, if possible.

Jenny Dempsey is a customer service and social media professional with experience providing exceptional, consistent customer interactions.

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