Thursday, September 21, 2017

Random Acts of Customer Service Kindness

By Sean Hawkins

Kindness is the root of all good things. This saying has significant meaning to those in customer service. Providing service is one thing. That is expected. However, extending kindness creates special moments for customers. Kindness can be the difference in retaining a customer, or more importantly, brightening their day.

Customers rarely expect something for nothing. Usually, during moments of service failures, is when a customer may request a refund or discount. Under those circumstance, it's only right to oblige. But what if nothing is wrong? These are the ideal opportunities for random acts of kindness. Why? Kindness shouldn't be the result of a bad experience.  Rather, it is always looking for an opportunity to express itself.

What are some easy and effective ideas a contact center can utilize? Here are things I have done that really go over well with customers, and staff:

  1. Hand written notes
  2. Gift cards
  3. Discounts
  4. Free subscription
  5. Social media shoutout
  6. Flowers
  7. Coupons
  8. Gift basket
  9. Company swag
  10. Celebrate special occasions

The benefits of such kind gestures goes beyond what can be measured. Yes, you may retain customers, improve loyalty and create ambassadors. But what is better than doing something nice for someone, simply for the sake of being kind?

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