Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Debi Mongan

Debi, what does good service mean to you?

Good customer service means being prepared. The first step in providing good customer service is to anticipate and prepare so that the customer rarely needs to be serviced. Customers will need help at some point, but if you start there you are miles ahead of the game. When customers do reach out, it is important to, again, be prepared. By prepared, I mean have front facing agents that are well trained, empowered, supported, and are rarely caught off guard. Behind the scenes you make this happen by having an organization that values their employees, fosters an environment where the staff from all departments interact and share information on all levels, and everyone understands that the customer comes first. Customers will then feel valued as well, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

Debi Mongan has nearly 25 years experience leading award-winning call centers in several industries including publishing, professional sports, and travel.  She has spent the last 10 years developing strategies to improve culture and attrition by taking care of the front line. She is the founder of The Mindful Call Center.

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