Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Marketing Strategy That Works

Our team is mid cycle marketing an event, and our revenue and conversions are up. Here's what's working.

Humanize B2B marketing
Brand emails from real people (and yes, we respond to all emails!). Ads and signage featuring real people. Live Chat with real people.

Bet on social
Facebook ads are underpriced and convert. Community management is treated as a brand KPI. Every tweet, comment and message is replied to. Social is the current state of communication even if it's feeding attribution to other channels.

Build The Plane While You are Flying It
Do we have a robust marketing strategy - yes? Are we still coming up with new partnerships, channel optimization, ideas and campaign activities each and every week - yes. React to the market.

Work Toward Your Strengths

We are a small but very mighty team working toward our strengths each day. Faster is better. Feeling confident and excited about the work makes us go faster.

Data + Creativity = The Sweet Spot
Put things in the field, measure them carefully and use data wisely. Think creatively about email, ad and SEM copy, imagery and video length. Both have a seat at the table.

Kathryn Frankson is a B2B event sales and marketing professional at UBM. A believer that 2018 communication means knowing how to get the markets attention through thumb stopping content, audience development and storytelling, she executes sales and marketing strategies in the catering, special event, cruise shipping and pharmaceutical space.

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