Wednesday, March 28, 2018

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Al Hopper

What are your thoughts on industry standards, with regards to contact center metrics?

Why do we use metrics? To determine our success at something. In sports we use metrics like yards gained, strike outs, or minutes played per quarter. Those metrics work because it's a standard measurement between teams and even eras.

Industry standards are the same; they allow business leaders to learn how well they are doing when compared to others. However, it is important to understand that not all industries are the same and require different weights on different metrics. Banks might not want to measure their Net Promoter Score against sporting goods stores. Or big box stores might not want to compare Same Store Sales with a coffee shop.

However, banks checking Customer Satisfaction against other banks makes much better sense. Bottom line, I like using industry standard metrics, as long as they make sense for the industry being measured, and they measure something that can tell us how we are really doing.

Al is an Army veteran who has over 20 years in Customer service. He spent 12 years working in the main contact center for a major international bank.

He has been nationally recognized as a thought leader in social media customer service and contact center management for his contributions online, and off, by ICMI, Huffington Post contributors, Microsoft, and Conversocial, among others.

Al is also a cohost of the weekly Twitter chat focused on all aspects of customer service, using the hashtag #CustServ.

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