Monday, June 19, 2017

3 Budget Friendly Ways to Reward Great Customer Service

By: Sean Hawkins

When agents in your center provide great service, how do you reward them?  Below are a few methods I've relied on that go over extremely well.  If your department is working with a limited budget, these are great ways to reward top performers with minimal impact to your bottom line.

The Quality Assurance Award - If you measure agent quality, you're going have a top performer.  Reward this agent! I have allowed them the opportunity to coach other agents for improvement.  This is a great way to capitalize on their expertise, while also developing their leadership skills!

The Interaction of the Week Award  - Whenever an agent has an interaction that went exceptionally well, have them submit it to you.  After proper vetting, determine if it's deserving of the Interaction of the Week Award.  At the end of the week, announce the winner.  Although everyone may not win the award, they'll greatly appreciate their work was noticed! 

The CSAT Award - If you track customer satisfaction (gosh I hope so), reward your all-stars.  If someone is getting exceptional CSAT results, they are leading your team to success!  Not only are they doing a great job with each customer interaction, their good habits will likely spread throughout the rest of the team.  As with the Quality Assurance Award, allow them time to coach their peers.

In addition to giving a certificate for each award, include a gift.  An extended break, early dismissal, or a gift card are cost effective options.  To really engage the team and build enthusiasm, ask the agents for gift ideas!

Hopefully, as a result of these awards, you'll see an improvement in the overall performance of your contact center. However, the main objective is acknowledging and awarding outstanding performance.

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