Thursday, May 11, 2017

4 Tips to Maximize Agent Training

Training is not a singular event. Therefore, it must be viewed as a process. To effectively train your staff, they should be trained while on-boarding as new employees, on new products and services, and on new processes or procedures. Furthermore, continual education and training must also be provided to ensure your staff is meeting and exceeding customer expectations. For a more efficient and effective training session, consider these 4 steps:

Assess Needs
This begins by understanding your training needs. Assess business needs with an understanding of what success looks likes after training is complete. Understanding those needs will in turn help you decide what skill sets, knowledge and buy-in are needed to ensure improvements are met.


Once needs are defined, it is important to know the audience. Be certain training is designed to meet the learner's style.

Follow-up after training. Seek agent feedback in the form of a exit survey. Also, leadership should be evangelists during this phase. Engage the team on the material presented, develop incentives or rewards to garner buy-in from staff.

What doesn't gets measured doesn't gets done! Put measures in place to determine the success of training. In the contact center, this could be viewing CSAT and QA, or other KPI's.

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