Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Leading by Serving

By: Rachelle Morgan

During my time as an Assistant Call Center Manager and Call Center Supervisor, I have
come to understand how important leadership is. It is not enough to simply obtain a title because of the knowledge you may possess about a product or process. It is not enough to obtain a title and micromanage your team until you receive optimal results. It is not enough to befriend your team and deal with them as beloved friends instead of team mates. You cannot get so far ahead of them, that they cannot see, or understand what you are doing as their leader. 

So what is enough? I'm so glad you'd ask. Serving is enough! 

My favorite definition of serve, is to be of use in achieving or satisfying.

In the Call Center it is the entire philosophy of our operation. Once one leaves the cubicle and headset behind to lead in the Call Center, this definition should not be forgotten. In fact it should be amplified, which is to say more marked or intense.

When we step into leadership roles, our level of service must increase intensely! It is important to serve our teams at every level possible.

During our busiest time of the year, our call center takes almost 50,000 calls a month. Now I know that may not be a large number for all organizations, but it is for ours. During our busy season, the management team makes sure to serve drinks, ice cream, and whatever else is on the menu. We take care to ensure people's schedule fit their lives so that work-life balance is maintained. 

This has a dual purpose. When work life balance is achieved, employees are more likely to arrive to work revived and prepared to serve our customers. This is one of the most important ways we serve our team.

Are you still unclear where you can serve? Let me help. You can serve your team by:

  • Being kind
  • Being humble
  • Sharing your knowledge
  • Actively listening to your team
  • Being visible on the floor
  • Being available
  • Accepting suggestions and feedback
  • Allowing your team to flex their leadership skills
  • Creating a fun and engaging workplace

Most importantly, serving is listening. Meeting with your team to hear from them is
paramount to your organization's success. Our agents’ familiarity with customer concerns is a valuable asset that the call center possesses. It would be in our worst interest to overlook them as a source of information. Meetings and surveys allow them the opportunity to share that expertise. 

When an agent gets to provide feedback, they feel valued and recognized as an essential part of our team. Sharing important company milestones and plans, allows them to the feel involved, equipped, and valued.

Serving your team is necessary for success. Do not underestimate the value of servant leadership.

Rachelle Morgan has more than 15 years of customer service experience from a variety of industries including Insurance, Technical Services, Telecommunications, and the Restaurant Industry.  Rachelle currently works for Camis USA Inc. a subsidiary of Camis Inc, a software company that provides solutions to municipal and government park agencies across the globe.

As Assistant Call Center Manager for Camis USA, Rachelle is responsible for creating Call Center policy, delivering technical communication, and translating client needs pertaining to policy and software changes.  In addition to coaching & leading a team of Customer Support Analysts, Performance Coaches and Reservation Agents, Rachelle also provides internal and external customers excellent customer service when solving software/policy/procedural/personnel related issues.

During Rachelle's free time, she enjoys going on adventures with her 7 year old son, participating in the local community and being a part of the local economy.  Rachelle is a lifetime learner and enjoys trips to the library and seminars ranging from leadership to web application development.

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  1. Wow, I was so excited to read this article from you. I have practiced SERVANT LEADERSHIP through out my career. I enjoyed your article and I am so proud and amazed at your accomplishment. Excellent article!!! Bilal M.