Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SMS- A Great Channel For High Volume Recruiting

By: Samantha Milbrodt

Using text messaging (SMS) to engage candidates is an effective way to increase the number of candidates you touch. In high volume recruiting, calling job seekers is a big portion of the job. The use of SMS eases the work load, and ensures a higher rate of successful responses.  

I love the initial interaction with candidates. Talking with them about the company and the opportunities we can offer is an exciting part of the job. However, when I hear the voice message stating, “The person you are trying to reach does not currently have voicemail setup” or, “This person is not accepting messages at this time, please try again later”, I need additional options for making contact. Email comes to mind but, texting is an excellent, quick touch. This is just the beginning; there are several other ways to add texting to your recruiting tool belt. 

A Gallup Poll confirms that text messages are now the dominant form of communication for millennials, with 68% of them texting continuously throughout the day. Have you asked your candidates how they prefer to be contacted? It opens the door to tailoring the candidate experience. By gathering this information, and using it, you speak volumes about your company culture. You show that you are adaptable and focused on creating a positive, easy experience. 

With SMS, not only can you improve the number of touches, you'll also likely increase the candidate response rate. I find texting to be convenient for both parties. My candidate’s love when I offer to send them a quick interview reminder, or an update about the hiring process. 

Text messaging helps me to stay connected, while avoiding phone tag, and long email response time. Once hired, I use texting as a way to drive participation in our referral program during the on-boarding period, and provide company updates. 

The use of SMS has increased the engagement of candidates during the hiring process. Also, it helps me to gauge those who are at risk of falling through the cracks. Before using text messaging, it was easy to lose candidates due to missed calls, or undelivered/unread emails, but not anymore! SMS provides a convenience that most people are familiar and comfortable with. In addition, it takes little effort, which makes the process more pleasant and easy for candidates.

If you are interested in adding this to your recruiting strategy, there are many great options and resources to help you. Free, online services such as Google Voice are a great way to get started. I have also found helpful information online from how to send an effective text message to ideas for toning your use to increase response rates, engage your candidates and track the effectiveness to support continued usage. I would love to hear how you use texting in your business!

Samantha Milbrodt has over 5 years of experience in high volume call center recruiting. She has been sourcing and supporting contact contact centers in several US markets but, is now based in Iowa as a Senior Recruiter. She is experienced in social media recruiting, marketing & compliance.

Samantha enjoys utilizing technology in innovative ways to enhance the recruitment process. In her own words, "I love coming up with new ideas, trying them, and collecting data to see what worked successfully." 

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