Monday, October 14, 2013

Customer Service Reset

By: Sean Hawkins

Last week, many contact centers celebrated Customer Service Week. This was an opportunity to celebrate the exceptional service and diligence call center agents provide to their many customers. For me, it is an exciting time to be in the contact center. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a celebration?

However, what happens after the festivities end? Do things go back to the way they were?  Will agents become frustrated as they were just a few short weeks ago? Was the week of celebrating simply a reprise from a status quo that has led to frustration and high turnover? While Customer Service Week honors the men and women who assist customers with care and professionalism, it should also be a time for those in leadership to reflect and improve. I can think of no other way to celebrate my teams than to seek improvement in myself first, and them second.

Confucius said “by three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest”. Reflection is a way to learn from the past successes and failures. It allows us to avoid repeating a failed past while improving on the success we had. Take time to review performances and processes. Analyze data to find where improvements can made. Look inward and determine your own weaknesses and strengths. The least managers and supervisors can do is to foster a culture of success. Demand excellence of yourself, and nurture it with those who report to you.

Customer Service Week is a time to reset. In the midst of celebrating, there should have been implementation of ideals and innovations to improve the employee experience, customer experience and the business. If you hadn’t done so, it’s not too late!

Sean is a Customer Experience, Contact Center and Help desk manager with over 12 years of experience. He has a terrific pulse on incorporating innovation into the contact center. He's implemented social, outsourcing partners, new technology, and new products, while maintaining an award-winning contact center.

In 2011, his team was awarded the ICMI "Global Call Center of the Year" for Small to Medium-Sized Centers. Follow on Twitter @SeanBHawkins

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