Thursday, March 8, 2018

"Follow the Leader", Featuring Jeremy Hyde

How do you promote the work of your team and department throughout your organization? 

1. Develop relationships with colleagues from other departments:

One of the best ways to promote the work of your team is by having others do it for you! When you develop strong relationships with your colleagues they are sure to let others know what an amazing job your team is doing. Relationships built on mutual trust and respect are extremely important, rewarding, and should not be overlooked

2. Be generous:

Another great way to promote the work of your team is by lending their help and expertise to others in the organization. When you share the talents of your team with others it will continue to build those relationships and get people talking about your team for all the right reasons. Take a break from dealing with your own “whirlwind” to help someone else with theirs.

3. Lead by example:

You and your team are experts in leading people –share your expertise! Teach a class or share best practices on subjects such as: conducting performance reviews, effective coaching methods, onboarding and training new employees. Not only does this promote the work of your team but it helps to sharpen leadership skills across your organization!

Jeremy has 10 years of call center experience leading teams and developing a top notch customer experience. He's built teams from scratch to support new innovative products, as well as taking over teams during a time of transition. Jeremy has a passion for employee development, improving the customer experience, and fixing the health care industry!

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