Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to Build Confidence Through Preparation

Familiarity: Can you drive the route in advance, walk the stage or sit in the meeting room ahead of time? If so, do it so the setting feels as familiar as possible.

Visualization: Close your eyes and mentally walk through the entire meeting. Picture yourself greeting everyone, asking questions, flipping through the deck and closing out the call. Go into as much detail as possible so that you can think of responses and actions you’ll take if things don’t go to plan. It’ll help reduce that feeling of “what if I get caught off guard”.

Micro Attention: We all manage a lot of clients and projects which means most of us need topic refreshers. Take 1 minute prior to each important conversation or meeting and give top line details your attention. Realistically, you know the nuts and bolts, so tune everything else out and get in the zone.

Prime: We work better when we feel better, right? So, if you’ve got an important meeting, don’t check email before (we’ve all received a derailing note that we just can’t get out of our head) but rather, text with someone positive and uplifting, say an affirmation, take deep breaths and smile – anything that gets you into the right frame of mind.

Kathryn Frankson is a B2B event sales and marketing professional at UBM. A believer that 2018 communication means knowing how to get the markets attention through thumb stopping content, audience development and storytelling, she executes sales and marketing strategies in the catering, special event, cruise shipping and pharmaceutical space.

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