Friday, May 26, 2017

The Benefits of Employee Engagement

By: Celia Thomas

As leaders, it is necessary to build relationships that are genuine and personal. It creates a collaborative environment by giving some autonomy, which leads to growth and development. That alone can make employees feel valuable to the team and company.

Empowering staff will impact retention in a positive way. Agents will stay where they're happy. If we allow them to have a voice, it suggests we care. We are able to empathetically understand their experiences, and gain insights on how we can improve.

"None of us is as smart as all of us." True engagement allows you to share ideas, improve and/or create new processes, as well as provide valuable feedback. That helps lead to deeper, more meaningful discussions.

My staff assists me in implementing policy, participate in group and team feedback sessions, and create action plans based on these discussions. This builds a tight, unified team in the contact center because everyone participates. As the leader of the contact center, I'm constantly being evaluated by my director, other managers, and agents. They are studying closely how I lead. If it is not inclusive, empowering and engaging, they will not buy in. Thus, engagement is a catalyst for success!

The end result is that we meet and exceed expectations daily! As a result of creating personal relationships, I get buy in from my staff. Nothing could be more satisfying than that!

Celia Thomas has 22 years of experience in the contact center, including 9 years in call center management. She has extensive knowledge in overseeing day to day operations, and is well versed in managing both Inbound and Outbound projects. During her career she has managed and grown many B2B and B2C client programs.
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