Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Being a Leader from ANY position in the contact center [Part 2 of 3]

By: Amayea Maat

Hello again!  In part 1 of this article we looked at some key distinctions;  I asked you to consider that being a leader included the following:
  • Someone who brings others along with them (inclusive)
  • Someone who sees a need, and fills it – without waiting to be directed or taken care of by someone else
  • Someone who goes where they have never gone before even when they do not know how
         o Continuously learning and growing
  • Someone who leaves themselves, others, and situations in a better place than what they were found

Now, consider that as the leader of your life, you have a say in how things go. You are fully responsible for your experience in life, and for being the leader of your life! That is a good and not so good scenario.

What is the good news? If you don’t like how something is going you are the one who can make choices and take actions to improve. The not so good news is that ONLY YOU can do this for your life. It is not anyone's responsibility, nor can anyone do it for you.

Let’s look at this from the space of being in a contact center, starting with the most important people in the contact center, the front line. As a front line representative you may think that you cannot make a difference other than one client at a time. While this is by and large the most important thing that you could do, it is not the end of what you can offer. It is just the beginning.

You are the leading indicator of the customer experience. You know why customers are contacting your company. You are the one who notice trends, and what could be improved. You are also able to provide insight most aren't aware of.

Being able to extrapolate what the impact is on the customer and on the company is key. The front line has access to the gold!! Share your insights with supervisors. In this was, you are leading the effort towards improvement!

The front line supervisor has direct knowledge of c
ustomer facing issues,

roadblocks that hinder excellent service, and the challenges of front line staff.  With this understanding, they determine what measures can be taken to. They are the change makers and innovators!

As front line agents and supervisors, you are the catalyst of change. Utilize your knowledge, resources, and influence in the following ways: 

  1. Assume the role change-maker by advocating for your customers, employees, and company
  2. Gather data and properly analyze it 
  3. Tell the story of the data 

The Gold is at your fingertips….what are YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??

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