Wednesday, March 30, 2016

An Entry-Level Guide to Customer Service

By: Casey Reagan

Working in the customer service department of a small website-retail company has been a busy, stressful, amusing, and insightful time in my life. You start to treat everyone the way you would want customers to treat you. Suddenly, issues you had before seem significantly less stressful. Overall, there is a shift in your perspective. Some of the best lessons learned come from this branch of employment. What you can learn from customer service can, and will, have a positive impact on your life, if you let it.


These people have a story to tell. When they tell that story, you will be a part of that experience, so make sure it is a positive one. Take in every word they say and apply it to solving the problem or answering their questions. No detail is too small.

Practice Patience
You will be yelled at. There will be problems that were not your fault, and sometimes they will be. Take this time to find a way to keep yourself level headed. In no way is it ever okay to cop an attitude with a customer, so come up with a strategy that keeps yourself together. Take a walk after a tough call. Go outside. Meditate. Listen to some music. Just know that you are doing everything you can for the customer, even if it may not be enough.

Continue to Learn
People will compare you to other businesses in the industry and will discuss these comparisons with you. The best you can do is stay on top of this by knowing the business you work in and understand it really well. Follow up with publications on trends in your industry, even if it is not something you are truly passionate about. Building trust with your customers by understanding their needs based on industry trends will help your credibility and long-term relationships.

Explore Improvements
The customer service standard is always elevating. Hours are longer, communication wait times are shorter, prices are adjusted. Keep up with new trends and insights to make the customer experience as great as you can. The long-term benefits and relationships make the extra effort worth your while.

Casey Reagan resides in Burlington, VT. She's an Associate Digital Marketing Assistant with experience in Customer Service and Social Media Management. She loves food, puns, adventures, and makes really good pancakes.

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