Friday, April 26, 2013

Customer Service is Passionate

by: Tanesha Baily, Product Expert at iContact

As customer service representatives, we all can relate to how monotonous the same routine can be.  Login, assist the customers, log out, go to lunch, login, assist the customers, log out, and go home.

Have you ever witnessed a newly hired agent full of zeal only to witness that same agent lack luster and completely devoid of any emotion months later? The passion that they once had has fizzled.

When you are passionate about something and enjoy it, it never feels like work. Passion leads to excellence.

Here's a quote from Mark Sanborn's book, The Fred Factor:
"Uninspired people rarely do inspired work. Passionate people in an organization are different. They do ordinary things extraordinarily well......"

In a lot of instances Customer Support Agents are the frontline for all customer interactions. How can companies ensure that its Customer Support Agents are happy and displaying that emotion to its customers?

Boosting employee morale is a great way to keep spirits up.  Managers should seek ways to:

  1. Make the workplace comfortable. Consider changing the lighting scheme and allow for more natural lighting.
  2. Increase the social environment at work by smiling more often and having casual conversations.
  3. Create employee appreciation
  4. Be authentic and honest. Act like you really care.
  5. Simply have fun!

It is just as important to keep your internal customers (Customer Support Agents) as happy as your external customers.


Tanesha Bailey is a wife, mother, and member of an Award winning Call Center. Tanesha brings over 10 years of Customer Service Experience to iContact. She enjoys shopping, reading, music, traveling and is a self proclaimed fashionista.

~To lead yourself, use your head; to lead others, use your heart.

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